We understand the importance of superior quality when it comes to nutritional and food products.


We adhere to strict GMP and Food Safety Guidelines, and are in the process of attaining formal GMP Certification during 2012.


Our dedicated staff receive rigorous training, and we strive for perfection in our operations.


Our raw materials are only procured from reputable suppliers and undergo thorough checks before being used in products.


All our packaging is tamper-evident – jars are induction sealed, and optional neck seals provide additional tamper evidence.


We subject all products to our in-house QC procedures, and we welcome our customers pre-delivery QC testing, as well as  3rd party testing arranged by our customers.


We maintain meticulous records to ensure full traceability, and keep retention samples of all batches of finished goods.


We also keep up to date with international quality trends and equipment to ensure that our quality can be compared to the best.